Broadfin Capital employs a global long/short equity healthcare investment strategy. Our investment strategy is designed to achieve the potential for strong risk-controlled uncorrelated returns. Broadfin seeks to invest in attractively priced small and middle capitalization healthcare companies working to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Broadfin seeks to:

  • Invest in public companies in the healthcare industry, focusing primarily on medical technology and supplies, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.  We also invest in companies in the early testing stage of their life cycle as they develop and launch new products. We may also invest selectively in private companies.
  • Implement a long-term, fundamental value strategy based on extensive, fundamental research and valuation work.
  • Assess and manage risk with an eye toward minimizing binary company-event risk.
  • Provide capital protection potential in down markets given the value orientation of our portfolio.
  • Keep assets under management at a level where our strategy isn’t constrained from investing in its investment universe.
  • Monitor investments continually and maintain our discipline of “scaling” in and out of positions as they approach our price target.
  • Partner with investors who have a deep understanding of our investment approach and investment time horizon.

Why Invest In Healthcare?

  • New technologies create a continually expanding investment universe
  • Regulatory, clinical, and product catalysts create investment opportunity
  • Stock picking is rewarded given high degree of performance dispersion within sector