Committed to creating value for our investors.

Broadfin Capital was founded in 2005 by Kevin Kotler. Now in our second decade, we take pride in having created an investment process that is repeatable, collaborative and tested.

Broadfin serves a diverse client base including high net worth individuals and family offices, foundations and endowments, wealth management organizations, financial institutions, pension and retirement plans, and fund of funds.

We seek to invest in companies with products that improve healthcare outcomes, lower costs and have strong management teams that we believe offer a pathway for generating shareholder value over time. Given our investment approach we tend to have a long term view on our investments.


Our rigorous and repeatable investment process has been tested through a variety of market and economic cycles. We take a long-term, patient approach to our investments.


The Broadfin Team represent the largest investor in the firm.


Our Leadership

Kevin Kotler

Managing Partner, Portfolio Manager