Broadfin Capital
Focused. Experienced. Aligned.

Our vast industry experience provides us with a means to capitalize on the unique investment opportunity in the continually evolving healthcare sector.

As investors seek different ways to access investment insight, Broadfin Capital offers investment management that taps our proven knowledge in the healthcare sector – one of the largest and fastest growing components of the U.S. & Global Economies.

Broadfin values its partnerships with investors, healthcare companies and service providers. We conduct business according to the highest ethical and professional standards. Broadfin Capital’s focus on delivering long-term capital appreciation is reflected in our:

Broadfin’s Investment Objectives:

  • Generate positive, uncorrelated returns
  • Protect capital in down markets
  • Maintain a long-term investment horizon, which we believe leads to long-term capital appreciation
  • Focused on generating returns, rather than growing assets under management



Deep Industry Knowledge

Our investment team’s extensive experience analyzing the healthcare industry enables us to spot opportunities and recognize changes in trends more quickly than generalist investors. Our knowledge base and relationships with healthcare industry experts and the clinical community enhances our ability to source investment ideas.


Fundamental Research and Analysis

We pair our exhaustive due diligence with proprietary research, and utilize our large database of industry and physician relationships to develop unique insights into companies striving to improve healthcare outcomes and lower costs. Our disciplined, repeatable process and deep industry knowledge provide a competitive advantage in analyzing risk/reward and maintaining a longer-term investment horizon.


Strong Portfolio Construction

Protecting capital and managing risk are our top priorities. Our objective is to construct a portfolio of securities that have the potential to maximize returns, while minimizing downside risks.